X-OUT™ Organic Odor Eliminator

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X-Out ODOR green Organic Formula Odor Eliminator solves the problem of contaminates and biological imbalances that cause odors. Undesirable odors caused from; Cigarette Smoke, Diaper Pails, Trash Cans, Dump Sites, Pet Areas, Litter Boxes, Urine, Fecal Matter, Athletic Lockers, Mattresses, and Laundry Hampers will be eliminated by X-Out ODOR green Organic Formula Odor Eliminator. This product contains a unique concentration of organic sea-water cultivated plant extract and purified water. No harmful chemical additives. X-Out ODOR green Organic Formula Odor Eliminator stimulates the metabolism and growth of beneficial micro-organisms (Aerobic Bacteria), and accelerates nature’s biodegrading process at an exceedingly rapid rate. By applying the product on a prescribed basis will helps break the growth of ODOR causing Bacteria.

 X-Out ODOR green Organic Formula Odor Eliminator is available ready to use:
• One (1) quart spray bottles twelve (12) to the case
• One (1) and five (5) gallon containers

Common everyday odor problems from smoke, bathrooms, sinks and disposals, trash cans and compactors, laundry rooms, mildew, closets, kitchens, automobiles and baby hampers will be eliminated after a few quick sprays into the area. Keep your home clean and fresh smelling by spraying weekly or as soon odor arises.
X-Out ODOR green Organic Formula Odor Eliminator doesn’t mask odor or hide odor problems; it eliminates it.

DIRECTIONS: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Spray X-Out ODOR green Organic Formula Odor Eliminator onto the surface or room where the odor exists.  Allow the product to penetrate and dry. Let stand for a few minutes. If odor is not reduced, re-spray area again and let dry. For airborne odors, spray a very fine mist up into the air and close windows and doors to allow the product to work.  

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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