Drain Clear™ Drain & Septic Buildup Remover

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Drain Clear green Drain and Septic Buildup Remover clears household drains and pipes of grease and waste material slowly. Opens up blocked sewer lines organically and eliminates putrefactive odors and grease trap odors. Improve the processing in septic tanks and leach field by increasing positive bacteria and microbes. Reduce the pumping of septic tanks and grease traps by applying product monthly. Restore percolation lines that saturate leach and drain fields.

Drain Clear green Drain and Septic Buildup Remover is available ready to use:
• One (1) quart bottles twelve (12) to the case
• One (1) and five (5) gallon containers


Clear sluggish household drains and pipes that cause blockage and costly rooter service. Rejuvenate your septic system and leach field. Eliminate the odor and monthly pumping of grease traps due to solid build up. Drain Clear green Drain and Septic Buildup Remover is a biocatalytic system consisting of a unique concentration of biologically derived agents in a low surface tension base. Drain Clear green acts as a catalyst which immediately stimulates the metabolism and growth of microorganisms, accelerating nature’s biodegrading process at an exceedingly rapid rate. This stimulation is quite general and affects aerobic, anaerobic and facultative organisms. This enhanced metabolism enables bacteria to rapidly degrade grease and oil to carbon dioxide, water and simple salts. This enhanced action also quickly eliminates putrefactive odors and even certain chemical odors. Drain Clear green also enables micro-organisms to metabolize certain organic compounds such as phenolics, chlorinated hydrocarbons and amines, which are normally only very slowly metabolized.

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING:  For household preventive maintenance drains and pipes, use four (4) ounces of Drain Clear green per week, using a different drain each week. To clear sluggish drains pour one cup of product into the drain nearest the sewer. The following day, repeat the application pouring eight (8) ounces of the product down each of the various drains in the house.
Septic Tanks: Help motivate and regulate your bacteria. Pour into the tank one gallon of Drain Clear green per 600 gallons of tank capacity. Repeat steps after 24 hours.
Leach Field: Spray one gallon of Drain Clear green per 100 square feet of field area to deodorize the field and restore absorption capacity. Repeat steps after 24 hours.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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